The Foo Fighters may have rocked - but the earth certainly didn't move.

Seismic monitors show that unlike the band's previous visit to Auckland, when ground movement similar to a volcanic tremor was recorded, the band's Saturday night gig at Mt Smart Stadium didn't cause a spike in vibration.

"I checked on Sunday morning and there wasn't a single thing on either of the drums closest to the stadium," said Kevin Fenaughty, GeoNet's data centre manager.

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Geonet said that in 2011, seismic stations in Herne Bay and Eden Park recorded vibrations from the concert at Western Springs across the entire set. The shaking was in time to the rhythm of the music, with lulls between songs. At its peak, the seismic signal was similar to volcanic tremors recorded at places like Mt Ruapehu and White Island.

The stations were between 1.5 and 2km from the first concert. This year, the gig was more like 6km away.

The 2011 concert was not the first time the monitors had recorded such man-made activity - it also recorded the noise of 60,000 fans cheering the All Blacks' Rugby World Cup victory at Eden Park.