Kiwi Foo Fighters fans have offered to do whatever it takes to get the band to play tonight's cancelled show.

Fans took to Facebook to offer their support and condolences after a truck driver was seriously injured in a crash that also damaged equipment, forcing the cancellation of tonight's charity show at the Auckland Town Hall show.

"Big ups Foo Fighters: recognising what's important in the safety of the driver and being up-front with your fans. This is why you're one of, if not the greatest, rock band around," wrote Mathew Walters.

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Belinda Spargo said: "Thank goodness the driver will be okay. Wishing for a speedy recovery. A big thank you to you guys. always have shown love for us Kiwis and our country. We truly appreciate it."

While Saturday night's show at Mt Smart Stadium is scheduled to go ahead with up to 35,000 in attendance, fans offered to lend the band equipment to persuade the Dave Grohl-led rockers to make tonight's show happen - and even offered their own back yards as a venue.

"I have a drum kit, bass guitar and guitar they can use - come on Dave - that's all you need," wrote Sarah Champion on Facebook.

"We can lend you a guitar. And another friend's offered up his drums - the Auckland Town Hall, as you know, has gorgeous acoustics & an unplugged gig would be surreal. Please, please, pretty please?" wrote Maria Millar.

Jewels van Raalte: "You're all welcome to come hang out tonight at a good ol kiwi bbq. Relax and start a fresh tomorrow! Here's to a quick recovery to your driver!"
Many said they'd be happy with an acoustic session, or suggested Sunday night as an alternate date.

Nicolas Zubok wrote: "Do it on Sunday!!!! I agree, they can make an acoustic session!!! Please don't cancel..."

Proceeds from the show were due to be donated to the New Zealand Music Foundation. Full ticket refunds are available.