Taylor Swift may write and sing songs about her love life, but she does not appreciate others making assumptions on that subject.

An Entertainment Tonight reporter learned that the hard way right before the 2015 Grammy Awards, when she joked about Taylor leaving the show with "lots of men".

The 25-year-old Blank Space singer responded with an icy stare before denying anything of the sort.

Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O'Dell was the one to slight Taylor on the subject of men in a comment that may have been meant as a light joke.


"You're going to walk away with more than a trophy tonight, I think, lots of men," Nancy said to Taylor at the Los Angeles event on Sunday.

For a moment there was only an awkward silence from Taylor, who simply glared at her interviewer.

But then the Shake It Off singer seemed to take her own musical advice by answering the question directly.

"I'm not going to walk home with any men tonight," Swift said firmly.

She then added: "I'm going to hang out with my friends, and then I go home to the cats."

Men, it seemed, were very much not a part of Taylor's post-Grammy plans, with the singer wisely pointing out that, "Men get me into trouble!"

Taylor has been single for some time now, having previously dated - and then written about - a slew of famous men.

Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, and John Mayer were all romantically linked to Taylor in the past.


Despite her emphatic declarations about men, Taylor was spotted being "very cutesy" (according to reports) with Irish singer Hozier during a Grammys after-party.

Sources have indicated, however, that the two artists - who both performed at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in December - were just friends.

They were also both nominees for Song of the Year, an honour that went instead to Sam Smith for Stay With Me.

While she did not win any Grammy Awards, Taylor has won seven of the trophies in the past.

- Daily Mail