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Dave Grohl has unveiled his most ambitious Foo Fighters project yet, a multi-media musical road trip across the US. But he still has to cook breakfast for his kids. He talks to Chris Schulz.

Dave Grohl, one of the world's biggest rock stars, is about to launch a new album and a television show, before heading out on a world tour that could last years.

But that doesn't mean he can skip out on dad duties.

"I got the kids up and out of bed and dressed and off to school, came over here to do some interviews, then I'm going to edit another episode, then the band's going to start rehearsing, then I'm going to drink three bottles of wine and go to sleep," Grohl says from his film production office in Los Angeles.


He exhales, lets out one of those cartoon chuckles of his, and admits that he is "f***ing busy.

"That's every day, just so you know. Every f***ing day."

The reason for Grohl's exasperated expletives is that his chart-busting, award-winning, stadium-shaking rock 'n' roll machine the Foo Fighters is about to chug back into life with their eighth album, Sonic Highways.

Unlike Wasting Light's stripped-back DIY-in-a-garage approach, this one comes packaged with Grohl's most ambitious project yet: eight songs recorded in eight US cities with a roster of guest stars that reads like a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction list. It includes Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, blues star Gary Clark jnr, the Eagles' Joe Walsh and Joan Jett.

If that's not enough, Sonic Highways also comes backed by cable giant HBO, with an eight-episode TV show of the same name that starts screening here on Sunday night. It not only charts the album's creation, but, in Grohl's words, "tells the story of America's musical history". ...