Last weekend Almighty Johnsons star Jared Turner and his partner, costume designer Lissy Mayer, married in a gorgeous ceremony in the divine tropical garden setting of Landsendt in Oratia.

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News of the wedding has gone under the radar, probably because the couple asked guests not to publish pictures of them. One guest told Spy: "Jared is being very tight-lipped about the whole affair. There is no magazine deal, he is drawing the line at his wedding day because he wanted to keep it very personal. It was a beautiful private ceremony with an emphasis on family." Spy is told the pair's blended family of four children were at the ceremony.

Another guest told Spy there wasn't a dry eye in the house.


The fitness-crazy ex-god looked smart in a fitted suit, and his wife looked beautiful in a traditional off-white gown.

Celebrity guests included Colin Mathura-Jeffree and fellow Almighty Johnsons cast members, including Turner's on-screen girlfriend Fern Sutherland and former gods Ben Barrington and Dean O'Gorman, who was there with his fiancee, Sarah Wilson.

O'Gorman is back in New Zealand for the summer after filming in New Orleans playing Kirk Douglas in Trumbo.