It's been a busy old week in the world of entertainment. Here are 10 things we discovered over the past seven days ...

1. Russell Brand knows how to take a joke ...

... and run with it. The comedian fired back at social media users who have ridiculed his political rants using Blur's Parklife by re-recording the song himself. #PARKLIFE!

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2. Too Many Cooks is seriously most disturbing ...

But you still want to watch till the end, even though the nightmarish Too Many Cooks keeps going on and on and on and on ...

3. Lorde can get pretty sassy on Twitter

Especially when defending her BFF Taylor Swift. Oh, and she's also been kick'n it with J-Law.

4. We're excited for the new Hunger Games movie ...

Even thought J-Law thinks she sucks at everything.

5. Redfoo is super creepy ...

... and gross. If the American rapper tried to ruffle some feathers with his new song, then he got more than he bargained for.


6. Kim-K's bottom has the ability to break the internet

Kim Kardashian put her famous derriere on the cover of a US magazine and got exactly the online reaction she wanted.

7. It takes two bloggers to rate every single superhero movie coming to cinemas

But it is totally worth it.

8. Blasting zombies can be good for your brain

Mmmm braiiiiiiinnnnnnsss

9. Swift's Spotify fued is getting out of control ...

... and we get caught in the middle.

10. Wearing no makeup could potentially earn you an Oscar nod

As Jennifer Aniston is finding out ... or it could be, y'know, her acting skills?