Your regular gig:

All our gigs are split between our weekly George FM radio show, six nightclub residencies around New Zealand, and monthly tours both here or overseas. DJ sets can go from 30mins to 8 hours long, with no break.

What does that involve: Most DJ sets are now at reasonable hours 10pm-1am, not quite gentleman's hours though. Our last ridiculous time slot was our 90-minute headlining show in Berlin at 5am, in a warehouse Hitler used to service his tanks. Then we had to catch a flight to Norway at 8am.

How did you get into it and where did you start out?: I started DJing at primary school in Nelson during lunch times in the classroom. I used to pull the blinds and play cassette tapes from a ghetto blaster. That was when Run DMC and Wham came out.


The song you can't get enough of right now: We're always spinning Drop the Brass by Weird Together (NZ), a few cool remixes of Broods, and Janine & the Mixtape.

Our shout: What are you having?: It's not very rock 'n' roll, but our requested tour rider is: "4 per cent beer, can only, no Stella Artois". When not touring we're halfway through a case of 2000 Chateau Lagrange Saint-Julien.

You've finally finished for the night, where to now?: Heading home to get to sleep as quick as possible, as working nights is always hard.

You are next appearing at: OutlanDish at Euro on Wednesday November 12.

- TimeOut