Lorde ended her Pure Heroine tour with a hit-packed show at Vector Arena that came with fresh covers and new visuals. Rachel Bache was there.

I thought I was sick of Lorde, but I'm definitely not anymore.

The 17-year-old Kiwi star performed the final show of her Pure Heroine tour last night at Auckland's Vector Arena, and she absolutely crushed it.

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Lorde stepped into a single spotlight, opening with her hard hitting track, Glory and Gore, shaking her hair furiously and stalking across the stage, showing off her wild jerking dance movies.


It was instantly apparent that Lorde has developed immensely over the past year - especially when compared to her previous appearance at Vector Arena during an iHeartRadio concert in September last year.

Lorde radiated confidence, not only in her stage presence, but in her vocal ability as well. She returned to her home town with a newfound boldness.

In a quick burst of orange and pink lights, Lorde busted out her upbeat trip-hop song No Better, before slowly singing the lyrics to 400 Lux: "I love these roads where the houses don't change."

"That's you," she said to the crowd playfully, referring to the song's Auckland inspiration.

During 400 Lux a beautiful video loop played, displayed across three hanging screens wrapped in gold ornate frames.

The visuals featured clips of driving through the flood-lit Victoria Park Tunnel, as well as out-of-focus streetlights and trees, giving the feeling of cruising around Auckland.

Tennis Court and Buzzcut Season had clips of their own too. A group of young boys playing rugby in the rain in slow motion and shots of Lorde standing on a pier in Devonport looking out at the city lights across the water enhanced the music they were matched with.

Between songs Lorde gushed about how excited she was to be back in Auckland.


"You don't know how special we feel getting to end to here in Auckland," the singer said.

"I think how far we've come and how much I've grown in this time. I feel so f***ing honoured and so grateful. What I'm trying to say is thank you!"

As well as playing songs from Pure Heroine, Lorde mixed things up with covers of Kanye West's Flashing Lights and a dreamy synth version of Heavenly Father by Bon Iver. "It makes me feel strong," Lorde said of the song.

She also performed a version of Young Blood by The Naked and Famous, another Auckland band who found success overseas.

The only new song Lorde performed was her most recent single Yellow Flicker Beat, which is set to feature on the soundtrack the teen has been creating for the new Hunger Games movie. "It's kind of new, kind of cinematic," she teased before humming purple lips appeared on the screen behind her.

Lorde's performance was split into three acts, marked by costume changes. She went from her original black outfit to a billowing ghostly white robe as smoke-filled bubbles floated up from the front of the stage.

In the third act a chandelier dropped down and Lorde appeared wearing a red flowing robe with a chunky gold necklace and crown to perform the song that started it all, Royals. Behind her was a glowing theatre sign reading, "Tonight: The tragic and wonderful triumphal procession of Lorde".

The crowd clapped and danced along harder than ever during Team as Lorde waved a New Zealand flag while confetti erupted into the air.

The singer seemed as though she didn't want the last moments of her show to end, as she performed A World Alone.

"I will never forget this show. Thank you for bringing this show to a close in such a beautiful way," she said smiling in wonder out at the audience, looking like she might shed a few tears joy.

Lorde bowed low to a standing ovation. She deserved it. She was on fire the entire night.

When: Saturday, November 1
Where: Vector Arena, Auckland

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