We chat to Ricki and Jessie after their emotional elimination from My Kitchen Rules New Zealand.

Ricki and Jessie have been eliminated from My Kitchen Rules New Zealand after failing to use enough sugar in their pudding.

The popular Christchurch gym buddies lost points for a lack of sugar in their panna cotta dessert during last night's cook off against Neena and Belinda.

The duo shed tears as the results - 53 points to 43 - were read out by the show's judges.

We ask them what happened ...


Herald: What is it that you think you could have done to stay on the show?
Ricki and Jessie: Honestly I don't think we could've done anything better. Everything we did led to the top five! That was beyond our expectations. If we could change one thing it would be our swearing!

What are you most proud of during your time on the show?
Getting to the top five! Getting a 10 for our pasta in our Instant Restaurant is pretty up there too.

Any embarrassing moments we should be made aware of?
Nah... they pretty much all made it on air!

What was the best thing you ate while on the show?
You'll have to wait until the final because it's in that episode.

And the worst?
The Pumpkin Pie...

Which judge was the toughest?
Grace Ramirez was surprisingly tough!

What's the best piece of behind-the-scenes gossip you can give us?
Group 2 from the Instant Restaurant rounds is actually a family. We talk every day. And Sam and Dan weren't just dicks on TV...

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