Despite being the subject of an acclaimed documentary, the world's oldest dance crew, Hip Op-eration, are auctioning off a wheelchair to raise funds for a trip to Taiwan.

The Waiheke Island based hip-hop crew, aged between 65 and 94, are the subject of a feature documentary film Hip Hop-eration.

But despite the success of the film, the dance crew have not benefited financially, the group's manager Billie Jordan said.

"This is because you can't financially incent people to be in a documentary - otherwise it compromises the integrity of the film," she said.


The group have been invited to perform to a 15,000-strong audience at the Taipei Stadium in Taiwan next month, but due to a shortage of funds they are selling a wheelchair which features in the film and are holding a meet and greet evening in Northcote on Tuesday.

"The event organisers are paying for our accommodation and most of our food and transport which is fantastic. However, we are still short of funds for some of our crew members flights and other travel costs," Ms Jordan said.

"All of us have sold personal possessions and saved for a year to get the money for Taiwan. However, we are still having a hard time raising all the money we need."

Fundraising was made harder by the fact people presumed they received royalties from the film, she said.

"The reality is, we don't. Like all other charities, we have to work for every dime we get. It can be very tough on my members who are all on a pension."

The group are holding a screening of the film on Tuesday at the Bridgeway Cinema in Northcote. The group receives $15 from every $20 ticket, and film goers will receive a free glass of wine.

The crew will also do a meet and greet afterwards, Ms Jordan said.