We chat to eliminated My Kitchen Rules contestants Steve and Maura.

Herald: What is it that you think you could have done better to stay on the show?

Steve and Maura:

Our motto for the show was go hard or go home and we definitely did that. One of the common themes of our criticism on the show is that we put too much on the plate, in hindsight we can see that's probably fair enough. If you give us 90 minutes we will give you five major elements and three sauces, it's how we cook and it's how we eat, but unfortunately Ben and Gareth and the people didn't always enjoy our efforts.

What are you most proud of during your time on the show?


We are most proud of how we worked together and how we conducted ourselves, and we did some okay cooking along the way. We love cooking together and 100 per cent supported each other through quite stressful situations and the odd mishaps, we unwavering had each other's backs and had fun in the process. But we are most proud of the fact that we played hard, but we played fair; we never resorted to taking cheap shots at our competitors, scoring unfairly or resenting their success and we will hopefully stay in touch with all of them as a result.

Any embarrassing moments we should be made aware of?

Our most embarrassing moments were our failed attempts at high-fives, we're enrolling in lessons, and our less-than-impressive attempt to execute crispy Chinese pancakes. We have apologised to the people of China on our Facebook page and we will do it again, sorry to the people of China, you have such an amazing cuisine that we did not do justice. Our pancakes were a flop, the fell as flat as a pancake.

What was the best thing you ate while on the show?

Without a doubt, Dai and Dal's larb with sticky rice and tamarind soup. They took a humble dish and elevated into a different stratosphere.

And the worst?

All the food we ate in the competition was really quite good. The competition in the Gatecrasher round was fierce, so everyone brought their A games and the only slightly lower score we gave out was not because the food tasted bad, but because the menu was less technically ambitious than the others in our round.

- nzherald.co.nz