Watch the brand new video for the latest Trinity Roots single, Haiku, directed by the Renegade Peach Project - Mark Russell & Sophi Karin Reinholt. Mark Russell says about the video:

"The video needed such a fast turnaround - there was no time for shot lists! But we'd heard the song many times when the band were recording in studio and decided the organic approach really suited the music. The concept came from the lyrics and the moods of the song.

"Like the song, the video has three main parts. The song talks about our youth and so we focused on how they see themselves, how they see themselves being seen and how that manifests in how they see the world.

"The solitary opening portraying the young actors looking at themselves in mirrors. The internal reflective we called it and as the song moves the contrast comes as the actors move into the outside world and carry those reflected images with them on an ordinary day."


This is the first single from the next (as yet unnamed) Trinity Roots album. Visit them on Facebook here, or click here to read their profile on Audioculture.