The local film and television industry is mourning the loss of trailblazing producer Caterina De Nave, who passed away yesterday from leukemia.

Dozens of high profile Kiwis have paid tribute to the producer, including former Prime Minister Helen Clark, who wrote: "Very sad to hear of death of Caterina De Nave, major force in New Zealand screen industry for decades".

Comedian and presenter Jaquie Brown celebrated De Nave's contribution to comedy and television, joking, "Hope they have good things on the TV in the sky. Xx".

Caterina De Nave - She did so much for NZ comedy, for women in TV and for me, personally. Hope they have good things on TV in the sky. xx


Very sad to hear of death of Caterina de Nave, major force in New Zealand screen industry for decades @gemmagracewood


De Nave began her career as a script editor for Playschool in the 1970s before quickly rising through the ranks to become the first woman ever to head a department at Television New Zealand. She was made Head of Entertainment in 1988.


She was instrumental in creating our longest running soap opera, Shortland Street, and produced the award-winning miniseries, Erebus: The Aftermath.

Later, as Head of Drama and Comedy at TV3, she helped develop bro'Town and Outrageous Fortune , and was the executive producer behind The Jaquie Brown Diaries.

Most recently, De Nave had been living in Sydney, where she was working for Australian broadcaster SBS.

She died yesterday at the Royal North Shore Hospital after an ongoing battle with leukemia.

Her funeral will be in Sydney on Saturday ahead of a memorial service in Auckland on Saturday, August 31.

- NZ Herald

Caterina de Nave was a leader and mainstay of the NZ film and TV industry - she supported so many of us. Very sad to hear of her passing.


As the screen industry mourns Caterina De Nave, watch Ep One of the show that would never have happened without her:


"I'm a great believer of cream rising to the top....just pick up the phone and talk to me." Caterina De Nave.RIP incredible lady.


Sad news today with the passing of Caterina de Nave. An inspirational and fearsome woman who inspired many in the local screen industry.