Dotcom’s ex plans to start up her own event-hosting business

She raced to Queenstown to spend a sedate 26th birthday with her five children and her estranged husband, but then Mona Dotcom kicked up her heels at the weekend to celebrate privately with 50 of her closest friends.

"I had a belated birthday party at home in Coatesville on Saturday night," she told The Diary. "It was a Moroccan theme and Kim was not invited.

"We had Jolyon Petch and Karn Hall on the decks, but there was a noise control issue. The neighbours complained about the music, and the noise patrol officers went to Kim's house because they thought the party was there."

Kim Dotcom, 40, was on the road with the Internet Party.


"Everyone said it was the best house party they'd been to. I had to close the bar at 2am, but there will be more parties. Paying parties next time," said Mona, who has enrolled at university to study business.

"I'm going to start hosting large-scale parties at venues around Auckland and I am bringing out some of the world's biggest DJs. They will be huge. "Everyone will want to buy tickets."

Grandmotherhood for Temepara
She was a mum at the age of 19, and now netball legend Temepara Bailey (nee George) is set to be a grandmother. Her 20-year-old daughter Jusdean George-Walker is pregnant and due to give birth in around 10 weeks, The Diary has learned.

Jusdean has posted photos of her pregnancy and her boyfriend to Facebook and Instagram, adding: "I can't wait to meet you princess."

Temepara, who turns 39 in October, did not want to comment about impending grandmotherhood, her rep Sara Tetro told The Diary. But sources say the family are very happy about the news.

Jusdean is Temepara's eldest child; her 16-year-old son Erin is an aspiring league star.

Gemma Flynn (back seat), girlfriend of Richie McCaw is holidaying in Hawaii with friends Bec Landels (driver) and Kate Hollywood.
Richie reunites with Gemma
She looked ab-solutely fabulous as she posed this week on holiday in Hawaii in the back seat of a Mustang convertible sporting teeny tiny hotpants, a black bikini top and an impressive set of abs. Black Sticks star Gemma Flynn is showing boyfriend Richie McCaw what he's missing ... but not for long.

The lovebirds are reuniting this weekend in Sydney at the Bledisloe Cup, friends tell The Diary.

Following the Commonwealth Games in Scotland, 24-year-old Flynn has been holidaying on the island of Oahu with former Aussie Hockeyroo star Kate Hollywood and Bec Landels at the Turtle Bay Resort. But she is Sydney-bound to see McCaw.


"Gem's really looking forward to seeing Richie and the boys," a friend confided. "She's enjoying the break and her lighter hockey workload because it will give her more time to spend with Richie.

"She's hoping that getting into the tight WAG circle will be as easy as fitting into Richie's circle of family and friends. She has already met Daisy Aitken [Israel Dagg's fiancee] and Emma Franks [Owen Franks' wife]."

Flynn is a welcome member of the McCaw clan, with Richie's parents, Margaret and Donald, and sister, Jo, all avidly following her on Facebook and posting positive messages during the Games.

Friends say she caught up with some of Richie's extended family while in Scotland.

Stephen de Lautour and his girlfriend Hannah Marshall with Stephen Donald, (right).
Rafters girl and Kick guy
He was the star of The Kick, but actor David de Lautour played second fiddle to his new girlfriend Hannah Marshall when she was awarded the Best Actress gong at the Niagara Integrated Film Festival for her role in the Australian comedy movie, The Infinite Man.

The Kiwi actress of Packed to the Rafters fame joined her beau and All Black Stephen Donald last Thursday night in a pub-hopping escapade. De Lautour played Beaver to widespread acclaim in the TV biopic on Sunday, but neither wanted to discuss their relationship when The Diary called.

Lorde and Taylor Swift get busy in the kitchen during their cooking class in Rhode Island.
Singing for their supper?
Lorde, 17, took a cooking class with sometime-BFF Taylor Swift, 24, at Ella's Fine Food and Drink in Rhode Island recently, under the tutelage of chef Jeanie Roland. The pair posed for selfies in pinnies, sans hair-nets. Tacos were on the menu, hardly a culinary complication, which is just as well. Swift, who drove the songbirds to the lesson, described it as "the best and only cooking lesson we've ever had". Next up: Celebrity MasterChef
Harre withdraws threat to sue
She was threatening to steal the "Sensitive Sausage" title from Colin Craig, but Internet Party leader Laila Harre has backed down from her threat to take legal action against John Key.

"I'm not into suing the Prime Minister," Harre told an unvexed Paul Henry on Monday night. Phew.

With all the sledging and low blows being traded in the press about burning effigies, hate speech and libel, you have to feel for Labour leader David Cunliffe and his multimillion-dollar healthcare policy which has racked up fewer column inches.

Harre, who now admits her retinue of bodyguards at the Kumeu community hall was "excessive", will be looking to keep up the stunts. She is soaking up the media coverage to Labour's detriment.

Key, no stranger to spotlight-hogging, is nonplussed. He took to TVNZ's Good Morning yesterday to woo stay-at-home mums with his own stunt - cooking a laksa from Jamie Oliver's 15-Minute Meals in nine minutes.

Top jobs
In new jobs news:
• Jonathan Sinclair arrived in New Zealand yesterday as the new British High Commissioner. He replaces Vicki Treadell, and has served in India and America.

• Former TVNZ head of news Anthony Flannery has been appointed boss of corporate media relations with Vodafone Australia. He was previously Channel Ten's news and current affairs boss, but resigned in February.