He's an industry veteran with 57 years of TV experience.

But that doesn't mean Larry King can't still be taught a thing or two about life, which is exactly what Anna Paquin did when she appeared on Larry King Now on July 21.

The 80-year-old host revealed a gap in his knowledge when he asked the married star whether she was now a "non-practicing bisexual".

"Well, I mean, I am married to my husband, and we are happily, monogamously married," the True Blood star, 32, replied, looking nonplussed.


"But you were bisexual?" King continued.

"I don't think it's a past tense thing," Paquin said, correcting him.

"Are you still straight if you're with somebody? Doesn't mean you're not, if you were to break up with them or you were to die. It doesn't prevent your sexuality from existing. It doesn't really work like that."

The Canadian-born actress, who is married to her True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer, also spoke about shooting sex scenes while pregnant with twins Charlie and Poppy, now nearly two.

"We tried to time it quite carefully and up until the last couple of episodes there was a lot of creative costuming," she said of shooting while pregnant. "And then they just CGI-ed out the bump."

"You had to play sex scenes with the bump?" King asked.

"Actually Sooki got less action that year!" Paquin joked, referring to her character.

"There was only one scene that we had to shoot while I was pregnant. [Moyer] is having this fantasy while he's having sex with Salame, who turns into Lileth, and then it turns into me.


"So I was like: 'Oh wow, it's basically a ... gang bang with my husband while I'm pregnant!' But we shot from shoulders up so it wasn't like, 'Okay that's actually really creepy!'"

She also credited her upbringing for making her comfortable with the nudity required in the role: "I grew up in New Zealand. We're not particularly hung up on nudity being a particularly scandalous thing."

And giving King a little insight into how their onscreen and real-life relationship differs, she teased:

"There's fangs and there's blood and stuff [on the show]. I don't know about your bedroom, but it doesn't happen in mine."

The latest and final season of the hit HBO show is already racking up a high body count, with fans seeing the demise of some of their longtime favourites.

"True blood has a high body count - we like to kill people!" the X-Men star quipped. "It's how we keep it interesting. Especially people the audience cares about."

Watch King's full interview with Paquin below:

- The Daily Mail