Footage has been released of producer Jaz Coleman conducting Shihad in York Street Studios - the final album recorded in the now defunct premises.

The trailer for Shihad's new album FVEY, released today, shows Coleman screaming "Yes! Again!" at the Kiwi rock legends during recording sessions.

The band has described the album's intense recording sessions as "a workout" and called Coleman their "personal trainer".

"It was like bootcamp for a bunch of guys who know how to play their instruments well, who've had moments of being really focused in their career and other times when they haven't been," Toogood told the Herald.


"Jaz said: 'I'm going to work you until you've made a great record.' Because we were all up for it, we did it until we all had rotator cuff injuries and tennis elbow. It just didn't stop. I don't think any of us had a day off while he was here, not even a weekend, for two months.

"It was excellent. He just drilled it into us."

Coleman produced Shihad's debut album Churn, and returned to produce FVEY after patching up a 15-year falling out with the band during an awards presentation in the UK.

Watch the studio footage below:
FVEY is released on August 8. Read the full interview with Toogood here.

* TimeOut spent time in Melbourne with Shihad to discuss the making of the new record. Keep an eye out for that story, and for footage from the Barkers Sundae Sessions at which Shihad played seven songs from FVEY online from August 8.
Watch the video for Think You're So Free:

Watch the new video from SHIHAD - Think You're So Free - taken form their new album FVEY released August 8.

Directed by Sam Peacocke.