His wife Jenny Mollen beckoned a storm of controversy when she revealed that she once hired a prostitute for him on on his birthday.

But Jason Biggs remains unapologetic about their bedroom shenanigans - especially because everything turned out to be such a comical disaster.

"I will never see what we did as a big deal," Biggs, dad to five-month-old son Sid, told New York Daily News' Confidenti@l.

"It remains to this day one of the funniest things Jenny and I have ever done," he said. "It ended up being a total comedy of errors."


The Orange Is The New Black star, 36, recently revealed that he failed to "complete the mission" when the threesome he'd had in his mind didn't turn out as planned.

And while the couple have faced criticisms for their revelation, Biggs believes his naysayers should just relax.

"We don't care if people want to judge us because we hired someone," he added.

"We have good values, and f*** off! We're never going to give a s***. In that sense we're surprised like, 'Jesus, people, relax, get the stick out of your a** and relax'."

In June, Mollen appeared on US chat show The View to plug her new memoir I Like You Just the Way I Am, where she recounted hiring a prostitute to give her husband a threesome for his birthday.

And then just two days later, Jason went on the same show to explain the situation more in depth.

"We are very open people, we are real people," he confessed. "This is not a habitual thing on our part. We don't have a group of prostitutes who come in and out of our house with any regularity."

The American Pie star admitted: "I didn't have a good time in the end. It took three ladies over the course of three days. Let's just say I didn't complete the mission."

But Mollen didn't make it any easier on him, as she found the whole scenario comical: "My wife found the whole thing to be quite hysterical even while it was happening."

"She was actually on the bed, watching, eating a bag of chips, laughing, so as you can imagine, I wasn't really performing to the best of my abilities," the actor explained.

"Also, said prostitute wasn't engaging with my wife the way I hoped she would, so it all kind of fell apart, and the rest is in the book."

That same week, Biggs and Mollen performed another stunt to promote her book with a racy Twitter picture.

The American Pie star stripped naked as Mollen's tome was strategically opened across his lap to protect his modesty.

"My book, I Like You Just The Way I Am is out TODAY! Please get a copy so this guy can afford clothes," Mollen wrote.

- Daily Mail