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Channing Tatum has deep regrets about signing up to appear in Seth Rogen's all-star comedy disaster movie This Is The End after agreeing to make a cameo while he was drunk.

The Magic Mike star had to dress up as a Mexican wrestler called The Gimp and get down on all fours in a scene with funnyman Danny McBride, but he confesses he wasn't in his right mind when he first accepted the embarrassing job.

"Sadly that is not a body double. That is really, really, really me," Tatum has told MTV.

"I probably had too much to drink the night that I got the email at like, three in the morning. I think they were already filming. I don't know why I even picked it up and then I read the email and it was from Seth Rogen...


"It said, 'Hey, I hope this isn't insulting but we had this idea on set for a cameo. It involves you, Danny McBride and Mexican wrestling masks and a leash.' I think I must have been on Ambien (sleeping pills) or drunk or something, and I was just like, 'Yeah, I'll do it, no problem'.

"It was a terrible idea."

Tatum reveals he decided to have a little fun with McBride, who bosses him around in the 2013 film, once he arrived onset, but his prank scared the the Pineapple Express star half to death.

"I had never met Danny before and I felt like the appropriate thing to do was to go into his trailer in that (Mexican wrestling) outfit and introduce myself by tackling him and humping him on the bed," he said.

"(It went) not well, like, really not well. I think he was terrified. I don't think he likes me to this day."