With York Street Studios now closed, the Barkers Sundae Sessions move to Roundhead Studios, with Grayson Gilmour the first artist in this new home. To enjoy this full length session we suggest you use headphones/speakers, and watch full screen - or send to your television via devices such as Apple TV.

From: Wellington

Grayson is a bit of a one-man-maestro, but mixes it up, and in fact on his recent tour did two nights in cities with one night being solo, and one night full band. For the session he was joined by Charles Davenport, Reece McNaughten, Philip Hadfield and on one song special guest vocals from Claire Duncan (Dear Time's Waste).

Where they're at:
With his previous band So So Modern on hiatus, Grayson's all solo artist, film composer and Masters in Composition student these days. He's released a horde of solo material - five solo albums, two EPs, some singles and scored local features Shopping and The Most Fun You Can Have Dying, the latter for which he won


Best Soundtrack at the 2012 Rialto Channel NZ Film Awards.

What they sound like:
Atmospheric orchestral pop? Actually Graham Reid may have put it best in his review of Infinite Life!: "Gilmour was quite unlike most Flying Nun artists in that his music was multi layered, his songcraft highly refined and, if nothing else, he composed on piano and not the strum 'n' jangle guitar that was the label's aural fingerprint. There was something cinematic about his crafted and ambitious pop."

What they're playing in the Barkers Sundae Sessions:
Mostly tunes from recent album Infinite Life!, but also a couple from the film soundtracks.

Hugh's highlights:
"Seeing how Grayson and his band of musical wizards recreated much of the Infinite Life! album live. The album has some tender moments so hearing it live, but still in a studio where the sound is so controlled, maybe the best of both worlds."

Visit Grayson's Bandcamp page to hear/buy his back catalogue, including
recently arrived vinyl editions of Infinite Life!
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