Timbaland is allegedly being sued for $500,000 after he cancelled a series of concerts in 2008.

The 42-year-old rapper, who has performed with the likes of Jay Z, is in a spot of legal bother with promoter Showtime after he postponed and then cancelled a number of gigs in Australia and New Zealand six years ago.

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ.com, the company claims they paid Timbaland $500,000 to perform a series of gigs in July 2008 but just weeks before he was due on stage, the star postponed the shows by one month until August.

However, the company were then informed that the producer - whose real name is Timothy Mosley - already had gigs lined up in Finland on the same dates he'd rescheduled the shows Down Under.


Timbaland was then forced to cancel his concerts in Australia but demanded that Showtime give him another payout of $500,000, which he was initially promised.

The promoter refused to pay out the lump sum and is now suing to get back the original $500,000 they'd paid him at the beginning, as well as seeking damages.

- BANG! Showbiz