Sir Peter Jackson has pimped out his new $80million G650 Gulfstream jet with luxury equipment — and the wealthy are lining up to hire it.

A quote obtained by the Herald on Sunday shows that Jackson's jet costs $91,500 for a typical charter trip, such as flying 10 passengers on a three-day return trip from Wellington to Nadi, Fiji. It included a crew of two pilots.

But a Fiji flight is a relatively short hop, as the Gulfstream is able to fly nonstop to Los Angeles, Honolulu, Bombay and Mauritius at top speeds.

The jet can seat up to 16 and is booked out until June 10 when it will arrive back in New Zealand.


Financial statements reveal Jackson, reportedly worth $500m, took out a loan in September last year to fit the jet out with top-of-the line blu-ray players, flat-screen TVs and coffee machines.

The loan was taken out the same day the Civil Aviation Authority gave the aircraft its stamp of approval.

Authority spokesman Mike Eng said the process was straightforward as the aircraft was new. "The on-board facilities are typical of those found on executive-type aircraft and are similar to those used in large commercial aircraft," he said.

"It does feature the latest in cockpit equipment and displays, which are also similar to those in airliners like the Boeing 787."

Sir Peter's was reportedly one of 200 orders for the jet and only about 40 have been delivered. His plane is faster than a Royal New Zealand Air Force jet and was used in the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in the Southern Ocean.

The interior of Jackson's plane.