He's got 100 problems now - and an internet meme's just one. How Solange's shocking attack on Jay Z sent the web into overdrive.

There's nothing the internet loves more on a dreary, uneventful Tuesday than a delicious helping of schadenfreude to get the cogs of imagination whirring.

So when the veil of perfection surrounding Jay Z and Beyonce's A List existence was ripped down by her raging, kicking and screaming sister Solange's attack upon everyone's favourite rapper... the meme makers went into overdrive.

Plenty of fun was had at the expense of the duo's hitherto unblemished starry existence, as well as the sheer ferocity of Solange's astonishing attack.

Watch the TMZ leaked elevator video


Others found mirth in the curiously impassive stance taken by Beyonce as her younger sister tried to beat seven shades of excrement out of her husband of five years.

One in particular equated Beyonce's wide-eyed disconnected stare to that paean of familial awkwardness, Homer Simpson, to hilarious effect.

The poster for Bey and Jay Z's forthcoming tour was too easy a mark with internet japesters able to just add 'from Solange' to the 'On the Run' flyer.

Another funny saw Beyonce and Jay Z jumping from their yacht with the slogan, 'Bae, we gotta get the f***, Solange coming.'

It's quite the metaphor for how the pair's gilded existence - told via endlessly aspirational Instagrams - has now forever been tarnished by the tacky spectacle in the hotel elevator.

& now I'm dead??#WhatJayZSaidToSolange pic.twitter.com/LfcCnwGjhR


Of course, an imagined rivalry between jobbing singer Solange, 27, and her 32-year-old megastar sister was bound to be mined for inspiration.

Witty commentators noted that the slaps rained onto the hip-hop mogul constituted the only hits Solange has had in years.

Others speculated about the exchange that preceded the fight, with one scriptwriter hopeful having Solange say: "This elevator's isn't going anywhere," to which Jay Z fictitiously replied: "Like your career."

"@razzjazzsports: This Jay Z and Solange stuff #CRAY #WhatJayZSaidToSolange pic.twitter.com/rk812TDKCY"


Other wannabe Miss Marples noted that Solange runs her own label, rather than working with her 44-year-old brother-in-law and wondered if this could be a cause for bad blood.

Jay Z's ridiculously famous 2004 hit , 99 Problems (but a b**** ain't one) also served itself up for parody now the rapper has demonstrably found his 100th issue in the guise of an angry lady.

Some went for the straight gag and photoshopped a bruised eye on the father-of-one.

#WhatJayZSaidToSolange soon started trending on Twitter as users tried to outwit each other with hilarious suggestions for what sparked the mysterious row.

Ha haaaa,RT@KidRaw313: They were in that elevator like #WhatJayZSaidToSolange pic.twitter.com/Nuo3uXgypX


Lmao lmao I don't know #WhatJayZSaidToSolange but Beyoncé was like pic.twitter.com/1GaHebi83V


Solange: This elevator isn't going anywhere! Jay-Z : Like your career? #WhatJayZSaidToSolange pic.twitter.com/tXaSQl4MBN


#WhatJayZSaidToSolange get your sister Bey! pic.twitter.com/SvoPJLX3a3


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