Couldn't make it to Coachella? Neither could we. But we could still tune in thanks to the festival's great livestreams. And we've gathered the best performances here.

1. Outkast (with Dungeon Family, Killer Mike)

The Atlanta hip-hop duo's first show in 10 years was always going to be a Very Big Deal at Coachella. It wasn't perfect: a mid-set showcase from their affiliated crew Dungeon Family felt like filler, and then Killer Mike came out for a finale of

The Whole World

, but was cut short by organisers. But the celebratory set showcased why Big Boi and Andre 3000 have been sorely missed by hip-hop fans.


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2. Pharrell (with everyone)
Snoop Dogg. Diplo. Busta Rhymes. Diddy. Nelly. Gwen Stefani. Tyler the Creator. Lorde dancing with her boyfriend on stage. And that daft hat. Yep, Pharrell's star-studded set had more guest spots and shout outs than an Eminem mixtape, and while his falsetto could be a little dodgy (he opens with a warbling Lose Yourself to Dance) you can't fault his pulling power. How many celebs can you spot? It's your new drinking game...

3. Lorde (with her hair)
With her baggy white pants billowing in the wind, Lorde had Coachella's huge crowd transfixed during her Saturday night slot. She didn't disappoint and showcased her growing confidence performing in front of large crowds by opening with a remixed Glory and Gore, donning a freaky gold cape for Team, and letting the crowd sing some of the vocals for Royals. Hey, why do it yourself when you can gets tens of thousands of fans to do it for you.

4. Solange (with Beyonce)
Beyonce's name wasn't on the poster. But the pop star showed up unannounced during her sister Solange's set to duet on Losing You. Then fans lost their minds on Twitter. Predicitably.

5. Girl Talk (with Busta Rhymes, E-40, Juicy J)
If you're feeling a little flat on this Monday morning, here's the remedy: Girl Talk's ridiculously energetic set. Performing between two giant hands, the mash-up master had half the crowd on stage dancing to his cartoonish, hyper-real set. If you're dancing at your desk, no one could blame you.