Watch the new video from Liam Finn, Snug As F*ck, from his new album The Nihilist, out April 4.

Writer/directors Anthony Caronna and Alexander Smith share their thoughts around the creation of the video:

When FKR.TV productions first sent us the audio for Snug as F*** we weren't sure which direction to go. There were so many ideas that first came to mind, that it took a minute to figure out which would be the best.

To us the song has an amazing and very rare quality of being both soothing and upsetting at the same time. We talked for a while about how we could translate this feeling into something visual, and came up with the idea of our own holiday celebration.

Almost any holiday looked at from a culturally objective point of view will be strange and disorienting, while still maintaining a warm and soothing feeling on account of tradition and family.


We started storyboarding and in the process came up with the idea for "Jubilancy Day," and Papa Jubilee. Once we both hit on an idea that we can't get out of our heads for days and become obsessed with, we usually know we're onto something great.

About a week after coming up with the concept, we spoke to Liam and he was so excited about the idea that it fueled us even further. We knew art direction and costuming would be vital in selling this as a real holiday. We both spent day in and day out creating signs and iconic pieces that look like they would belong to a real holiday.

Our production manager Lindsay Calleran tediously got the cast in place. We wanted everyone to look like they could be family, and feel comfortable in knowing that each of them could act the part. We gave everyone backgrounds for their characters so that it would all come from a rich and very real place. We worked on structuring a shot list with our DP Michael Herbert and tried to plan out the entire day down to the minute (we ended up being four minutes over schedule).

Snug as F*** is quite the triumph for us. From the support by French Kiss records, to Liam and his crew, to the set and cast. We couldn't be happier with the final product. It wasn't just us directing at all, it was everyone working to make this is an unbelievable video.

It's amazing what can happen when every single person working on a project gives it there all, and that's honestly what makes Snug as F*ck so incredible.

Written & Directed:
Anthony Caronna
Alexander Smith

Directory of Photography and produced by:
Michael J. Herbert

Production Manager:
Lindsay Calleran

Assistant Director:
Amy Browne

Still photography:
Sophie Browne

Elroy Finn
Eliza-Jane Barnes
Kirin Callinan
Kiki Mikkelsen
Will Sturek
Bob Waters
Jim DelVecchio
Radia & Lela Craig
Sam Rodd
Tommy Michalec
Sarah Giller
Nancy Jane Blake
Jordan Smith
Lindsay Calleran
Jeanne Calleran
Pauline Bruno

Executive Producer for FKR.TV:
Justin Sirizzotti