Soap fans are wondering if Shortland Street scriptwriters have lost the plot.

Viewers were left confused by the return of old favourite Dr Grace Kwan - now childless and desperate to become a mother. Kwan, played by Lynette Forday, left the soap 15 years ago and it was happily announced she gave birth to twin boys.

Fans of the show remember news of the birth but their mother hasn't mentioned the boys and her colleague, the long-serving Dr Chris Warner, hasn't asked after them either.

"We were really confused by the recent storyline with regard to Grace Kwan," said long-time viewer Julie Wakefield-Dewar.


She wrote to the show asking for an explanation but has not heard back. "I wonder if they had forgotten their own storyline."

Shortland Street producer Simon Bennett said all would become clear in the coming months.

"Those keen-eyed fans should rest assured that Shortland Street will be covering this, and what became of Grace's twins, in a story that hasn't yet gone to air," Bennett said, reminding fans that the birth of Dr Kwan's twins happened "off-screen".

The official Shortland Street website remembers Kwan's long list of lovers - and even that she severed a finger when cooking - but has no mention of twins.