Every parent knows the pain of being subjected to endless repeats of The Wiggles. Their colourful costumes, those chirpy voices and their super-annoying songs - if you're in the middle of a sleep-deprived fog, it's no wonder thoughts can start to turn homicidal.

The sweet, soothing sounds of Anika Moa should help ease your rage.

Inspired by an overdose of The Wiggles ("I wanted to stab someone in the head," she said recently) the Kiwi singer-songwriter decided she'd had enough of listening to sugary drek and did something about it. The result, Songs For Bubbas, is like a warm, relaxed comfy blanket for your household.

With eight new songs (The Adventures of Barry & Taane is dedicated to her sons) and two covers (admit it, you already know all the words to Oma Rapeti) our nearly-4-year-old was singing along to tracks like Animals in My Room on his first listen. But the real surprise is this works not only as a fun listening experience for toddlers and a calming influence on long car journeys, but also as a soundtrack to soothe screaming babies to sleep.


My only complaint is that it's not long enough. Bring on Volume II please, Anika - we've got a newborn on our hands.

- TimeOut