We trawl through the gossip mags, so you don't have to.

1. Hayley Westenra's

new hubby doesn't need an alarm clock - he gets woken up by his wife's singing. That's what

Arnaud Sabard

tells this week's


Woman's Day

: "I know I'm very lucky," he says. "She's not only beautiful, but she makes my day beautiful as well. I don't need a wake-up call in the morning because I get to hear Hayley singing. It's something quite special." Look out for an array of Westenra ringtones, coming soon to an iTunes store near you.

2. Jacinda Adern says she feels "awkward" over her top spot in a poll that asked participants who New Zealand's sexiest politicians were. "I just never know what to say," she tells Woman's Weekly. "I find it awkward. The standard female Kiwi response is to bat back the compliments we receive." In the feature, which interviews eight Kiwi woman about their bodies and puts them in a variety of skimpy outfits, Adern also says she should "eat fewer chips," and admits that after losing the last election, "someone came and told me that my shoes made my ankles look fat". That's a bad night in anyone's books.

3. Shortland Street stalwart Michael Galvin says the strangest place he was mobbed by fans was on a hill in Japan. "Some Kiwis on holiday stopped me to take my photo," Galvin tells New Idea. "Then some Japanese people took my photo too because the Kiwis were so excited they assumed I must be much more famous than I actually was." Signed photos of the event are available for $25 through his website, www.iamthefamousmichaelgalvin.com, by the way.

4. Zoe Bell says she spent the first five years of her life naked. The Kiwi stuntwoman and Hollywood star says things got a bit feral during her upbringing on Waiheke Island. "I was pretty much naked until I was about five," Bell tells New Idea. "When I went to school they probably made me wear clothes. My parents were kind of hippies. They were a little bit alternative. We had homemade playdough and homeopathics instead of cough medicine." Bet their playdough tastes better than the bought stuff.

5. Melanie C says she's ready to go wild when she arrives in New Zealand for the Mission Estate concert in February. "These days, I have a little girl, so I don't go out that much, but when I do, I tend to go a bit too far," the sometime Spice Girl tells Woman's Day. "I have some lovely cocktails and some nice wine, then I'll stay out way too late, dancing to Spice Girls songs. The bits I can remember are so good, but I don't know when to stop." If you see Mel near a jukebox in Napier around that time, do a decent public service and steer her away from Wannabe and Say You'll Be There. That'd just be sad and awkward for everyone.

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