Watch the new video from Anna Coddington - The Runner - directed by Aidee Walker and Alexander Gandar.

The directors share their thoughts around the video:

"The development of this concept came together reasonably organically - in preliminary discussions we realised that we both felt the video needed to revolve around running and/or movement. Title aside, Aidee had often been running to the song and it felt like a natural way to move to it, and to us both it seemed that Jeremy Toy's production was just begging for some choreography.

"However Anna was becoming increasingly pregnant so - logistically speaking - elaborate dance sequences had the potential to become difficult. We thought it could be interesting to "clone" her with back-up dancers and still feature her throughout, but then realised we were faced with a more fundamental decision - did we want to try and conceal the pregnancy, or did we want to embrace it? Quite clearly we opted for the latter.


"To us the song has a kind of wry humour to it, a lightness in the face of difficulties, which was an element we definitely wanted to visually capture. We also felt that the song deserved a video with a unique and immersive world, and this world emerged through the process with just a hint of surreality attached.

"But ultimately we just wanted to have fun. An enormous thanks goes out to everyone who donated their time. We hope you had fun."

Directors: Aidee Walker and Alexander Gandar
Producers: Aidee Walker, Anna Coddington, Morgan Leigh Stewart, Alexander Gandar
Director of Photography: Joe Hitchcock
Director of Choreography: Thomas Sainsbury
Make-up: Verity Griffiths
Make-up Assistant: Nikki Milina
Hair: Vada Hair's Engine Room
Production Manager: Morgan Leigh Stewart
Production Assistant/Art Department: Danial Eriksen
Camera Operator: Moehau Hodges-Tai
Camera Assist: Ben Woollen
Editor: Alexander Gandar
Colourist: Mike Carpinter
Stills Photography: Danial Eriksen
Dancers: Jaime Passier-Armstrong, Liz Christall, Cassie Baker, Rebecca Dowling, Kasina Campbell, Shian Perawiti, Claire Barrett, Thomas Sainsbury, Ryan Christensen, Josh Cesan, Nathan Cesan, Satty Thammavong, Jesse Wikiriwhi, Ngawihi Seymour
Special thanks to Converse