A Kiwi woman has lucked into buying two original Banksy paintings worth thousands of dollars for $NZ144.

The secretive British street artist is carrying out an artist's residency in New York titled Better Out Than In.

His latest stunt was setting up a temporary street stall in Central Park and selling original Banksy canvases for $US60.

The stall was fronted by an elderly man. Its total takings for the day were $US420, with the first sale not coming until 3:30pm.


Banksy artworks have sold for up to $1 million dollars.

A New Zealand woman was one of the few passersby to purchase the art, taking two canvases for $US120.

News Limited estimated the art she bought may be worth about $NZ90,000.

Banksy's other stunts during his residency include filling a truck with screaming soft toy farm animals and spray painting an image of two boys trying to grab a can of paint from a "graffiti is a crime" sign.