Kiwi singer Lorde has copped some hate-filled criticism, including death threats, after her single bumped American singer Miley Cyrus off the No1 spot on the US iTunes chart.

The 16-year-old has enjoyed a successful ride with her debut single, Royals, for several months.

Yesterday, the hit song jumped to No1 on the US iTunes chart.

That bumped Cyrus' Wrecking Ball into second place - as well as Katy Perry's Roar to third spot - and Cyrus fans were not happy.


Lorde told her fans on Twitter: "#1 on US iTunes. Even if it lasts an hour I feel HAPPY. Downside is all these Miley fans telling me they're gonna stab my rotting corpse."

Hardcore Cyrus fans quickly took to social networking sites to vent after their favourite singer was relegated to No 2.

One told the Kiwi teenager: "Kill yourself you crusty old hag."

Another told her: "Your eyes are too far apart."

Cyrus quickly set herself apart from the criticism, contacting Lorde on Twitter and saying: "Why r people so mean? Ps your music is awesome."

Lorde, who grew up on Auckland's North Shore, has fast become an international hit.

This month she appeared on the cover of Billboard magazine, was praised by music legend Elton John at one of his concerts and had Royals covered by American pop sensation Selena Gomez.

Lorde also became the first woman in 17 years to top the US-based top alternative songs with Royals, which continues to reign.


Her debut album, Pure Heroine, is due to be released at the end of next month.