Singer and rap pal's motives for logo jackets clothed in mystery.

Robbie Williams backs Dotcom - or does he?

Kim Dotcom's fighting extradition to the US on charges relating to his file-sharing website Megaupload, but singer Williams and rapper Dizzee Rascal appear to support him - sartorially, at least.

The British musos donned gaudy Megaupload jackets when they performed the single Goin' Crazy on The Voice UK final on Saturday night. Last month, they donned the same jackets in a video for the song, and Megaupload is mentioned in the lyrics, seemingly without explanation.

Why the two are promoting Megaupload remains a mystery. Some suggest they're plugging music-sharing service Megabox ahead of its launch.


But Williams' manager, Tim Clark, told Music Week on Monday the Megaupload jacket "does not imply support" of Dotcom. "Wearing an item of clothing with a logo on it doesn't imply support. I have a Guinness T-shirt and never drink the stuff."

Dotcom is staying schtum, only taking to Twitter on the weekend to promote Williams' performance on The Voice and THAT jacket. The tweet has since been deleted.

Dotcom says he's still working on Megabox. "It needs to be perfect to end the middleman and empower the artists." He's taking to the studio next week to make electronic dance music.

New evidence in Bain case

David Bain was acquitted on all charges in a second trial four years ago, now new evidence has apparently come to light on who did load the murder weapon and pull the trigger that killed five members of Bain's family.

TV3's Melanie Reid told The Diary she has the scoop. "It's extraordinary that this [evidence] has been missed for so long. But there is no doubt that it was."

So, who shot the gun, and why is it emerging now after all previous investigations missed it?

Reid and 3rd Degree producers aren't saying. They want viewers to tune in tonight. But Reid says an outsider, never involved in the case before, spotted something no one else had. Some tangible evidence. She says experts describe it as a "breakthrough" and "gamechanger".

Whether this new evidence will change public opinion on Bain, which despite his exoneration has remained divided, is unclear. As is the impact it will have on his case for compensation.

The long and short of it

They climbed Mt Kilimanjaro this week fundraising for World Vision's microfinance initiative, but only two celebs made it to the top - Mahe Drysdale and Kerre McIvor. One's a gold-medal-winning Olympian at 1.98m tall and one, er, is not.

McIvor joined Olympians Drysdale and Juliette Haigh, plus comedian Rhys Darby and singer Boh Runga on the expedition.

A rep for World Vision told The Diary that while the others "reached the top ridge before being overcome with altitude sickness, it was an incredible feat by Kerre, Mahe, Chris Clarke [World Vision NZ CEO] and our cameraman to make it all the way to the summit". Too right. Way to go Kerre.

Manics to perform on X Factor

Next Monday's X Factor elimination episode has scored a major coup - a performance by British rock band the Manic Street Preachers.

The band play the Vector Arena the following night and tickets have yet to sell out. An appearance on the hit reality show will undoubtedly extend their audience base. Certainly there's no longer any stigma for big acts to be aligned with television talent shows like X Factor, Idol and The Voice.

Beyonce, Madonna and Taylor Swift have all leveraged their musical pedigrees on such shows. The Minogue siblings, Dannii and Kylie, are reuniting for the first time in 26 years on an upcoming edition of X Factor Australia.

The Manics, huge fans of rugby, have been playing Australia as part of the British and Irish Lions tour. Centre Jamie Roberts said he hoped to play "some rhythm guitar" with the Manics on stage. But it's teammate Matt Stevens who can give the Manics some pointers ahead of their Kiwi TV gig. He sang on X Factor's Battle of the Stars in 2006, only to be defeated by an EastEnders actress.

One musical, two cities

She made her Broadway debut in the revival of Grease, now Lucy Lawless is stepping on to the stage with Chicago. The Green activist will play the role of Mama Morton at the Hollywood Bowl next month in the Brooke Shields-directed production. But come November, she'll play the part of Velma in the Auckland Theatre Company's production of Chicago, directed by Michael Hurst. Overkill, no?

Onesie booked for sleepout

It's the sleepwear fave of all chavs and teens. Now Labour MP Jacinda Ardern has promised to wear a onesie at the annual Lifewise Big Sleepout if she raises $2000 in donations - so far she's only scraped $370.

"Alright it's settled. If I hit $2K in donations for the @bigsleepout I will wear a onesie," she promised her Twitter followers this week as a lure, evidently aware the countdown donation clock is ticking.

With eight days to go before Ardern sleeps rough to raise awareness for the homeless, donors better stump up with cash if they want to see the Labour lovely in her pyjama suit.

Green rival Denise Roache has so far raised $225, while Labour luvvie Phil Twyford is on $255. Auckland mayoral candidate John Palino has raised a mere $185, says the event's donation page.

Perhaps they need to take some well-heeled pointers from fashionista Murray Crane who's raised a whopping $3734.50 for the cause. The Crane Brothers founder (and fan of bespoke suits and hand-made brogues), is also shunning creature comforts for a night sleeping rough on July 4. He's accessorised, however, with a raw dose of honesty.

"I have been homeless twice in my life and both times stick in my mind as a bad memory," Crane said. "I recall how easily I happened to be in that situation and how I felt desperate and couldn't see any way out. It's not something I have ever been particularly proud of, and until now it is something I have never really spoken of, but the pending experience makes me remember how it feels."

Never mind lures of sleepwear. It's sincerity that wins the day - and donations.