Justin Bieber may soon be embroiled in his second marijuana controversy of the year.

The 18-year-old Canadian pop singer has reportedly been photographed in a new series of photos in which he appears to be smoking the drug.

Bieber is holding a joint in the images, which TMZ reports are now being "shopped to media outlets".

The photographs, which are said to have been taken on Thursday, capture the superstar and his friend Lil Za passing the alleged weed cigarette between each other outside a Los Angeles home.


Lil Za was detained and cited in a bizarre incident on Friday morning, as he was caught by authorities driving without a licence in Bieber's Ferrari.

The event is eerie because paparazzo Chris Guerra was killed in January one month to the day from Lil Za's run-in as he attempted to cross Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles, where Bieber's white Ferrari was parked.

Bieber's vehicle is said to have been pulled over by California Highway Patrol during a routine control, but the Baby singer's other rapper friend Lil Twist was behind the wheel.

Apparently lensman Guerra was hit by an oncoming car when he was advised by California Highway Patrol to step back because the situation was unsafe.

The last person who spoke to the late photographer told the website that Guerra was certain Bieber had been smoking marijuana while driving earlier on January 1.

Bieber's camp has not yet commented on the latest weed smoking images.

- Cover Media