Star Wars does not meet its planned 2015 release date, reports say.' />

J.J. Abrams' busy schedule could mean Star Wars is not released as planned in 2015, reports say.

The director was confirmed to helm Star Wars: Episode VII over the weekend.

However, he has refused to commit to releasing the movie at the 2015 date put forward by Disney and Lucasfilm, The Hollywood Reporter says.

Its sources said the release date could be pushed back if "the development process requires it".


Abrams is set to release Star Trek Into Darkness - the second film he has directed in the rebooted franchise - on May 17.

He is also committed to be a producer on Mission Impossible 5 and an as-yet untitled third Star Trek movie.

His name is also attached to numerous television projects.

The director has a track record of delaying releases, with Star Trek Into Darkness set back by a year so he could be satisfied with his final cut of Super 8.

- Herald Online