As the Gisborne music festival celebrates its 10th anniversary police say Rhythm & Vines has been relatively successful, despite thefts threatening to mar the event.

Tairawhiti police area commander Inspector Sam Aberahama said he was feeling confident for a good New Year's Eve after two nights' excellent bus transportation from the camp grounds to the Rhythm & Vines site at Waiohika Estate.

"Generally, crowds are less intoxicated and more well-behaved this year.''

People seemed to understand they could not get on the bus or enter through the gates if they were playing up.


"They realise they'll have to have a chill-out period before they're allowed back to the party,'' Mr Aberahama said.

Seventeen people had been arrested during the event, including four overnight, who were all locals.

"These have all been for minor offences like disorder and fighting.''

Some drugs had been seized at the gate, but Mr Aberahama said he was comfortable with the vigilance of security staff.

"Unfortunately there have been a number of reported thefts too. Criminal activity in the region is no different to at this time in other years. There'll always be people who will try to take criminal opportunity.''

St John Ambulance staff at Rhythm & Vines say presentations at their tent have been mainly for soft tissue injuries.

One woman suffering an adverse drug reaction was transported to Gisborne Hospital by ambulance and admitted to the intensive care unit.

She is now in a stable condition.

Police again reiterated the hard line they are taking towards drink-driving.

"We had the booze bus deployed morning, afternoon and evening, so high visibility is the focus,'' said Inspector Aberahama.

Over the weekend, 639 cars were stopped and drivers breath-tested. Alcohol was detected on 34 drivers and two drivers were over the limit. They have been charged with drink-driving.

Festival sound quality on the new Rhythm stage sparked complaints from the audience in the main area during the performances of Knife Party and Netsky.

Organisers apologised for the sound quality on the stage and say the truck crash in the Waioeka Gorge on Friday seriously impacted on the audio equipment it was carrying.

Sound gear was fixed on the stage for last night's show.