TimeOut has gathered together a selection of domestic touring stars and some intriguing imports to help whip up a bit of enthusiasm for this season of high decibels in high temperatures. Here is Nick Robinson of Shapeshifter's summer picks and tour plans...

Your preferred mode of travel for the summer tour?

Definitely a plane.

Who does the driving - and what does it say about the internal politics of the band?
We have over the years all been banned from driving the band van so we have our friend "Bad dad" drive us around now.

What's on the car stereo?
Our new album, of course. It's almost finished, so that's on high rotate.


Your favourite summer venue?
Sunshine Shotover Festival in Queenstown.

Where else are you looking forward to visiting which isn't a venue?
We always hit the local beaches wherever we are, and are constantly hunting for the perfect fish burger.

Any sage advice about surviving the silly season?
Drive safe and eat and drink lots.

What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
We are playing the La De Da festival this year so no doubt we will do our gig and then have a bit of a crew party afterwards. Not too much partying though.

Do certain styles of music make more sense during the hot and sweaty months of summer?
Yeah, maybe there's the classic Kiwi summer reggae vibe - that's always good with a hot day and a barbecue.

Is it tough having to work when everyone else is partying and on holiday?
Yes it is, but we've done it for years and they are usually the most enjoyable gigs anyway. I sometimes have a bit of envy, but our job is too fun to moan.

On tour: Coromandel Gold, Whitianga, Dec 30; La De Da, Martinborough, Dec 31; Matakana Country Park, Matakana, Jan 2.