A Lord of the Rings cloak, the same as those worn by the fellowship in the movie trilogy, and signed by the movies' director Sir Peter Jackson has gone up for auction.

The grey cloak, which has not been worn, is being auctioned on Trade Me, with the current winning bid sitting at $1200.

Its reserve has not been met.

The woollen cloak also comes with an elven brooch replica, as worn by the character Frodo in the movies, valued at $500.


The cloak has been signed on the back and on the inside beside its authenticity label by the Lord of the Rings trilogy director Sir Peter Jackson.

All money raised in the auction will go to Unicef New Zealand for its work in West Africa.

The cloak was donated to Unicef by Stansborough, which made the fellowship cloaks for the Lord of the Rings movies and the scarf Gandalf wears in the Hobbit film trilogy.

The auction closes on November 22.

The first of the Hobbit movies premieres in Wellington on November 28.