A 7-year-old boy with special needs was brushed away by one of American Idol singer Adam Lambert's minders after queuing for two hours to have his drumsticks signed by his pop star idol.

The Auckland youngster, who has Asperger's Syndrome, left the Queen St JB Hi-Fi in tears yesterday after he was turned away from getting a signature from the visiting American singer.

His mother said her son, who dreams of being a drummer and loves Lambert, was inconsolable after a burly minder sitting on the desk in front of Lambert pushed the nervous boy's drumsticks away and told him no.

Organisers stipulated Lambert would sign only albums and only one for each person in line, Sony Music said on its Facebook page.


The mother, who had already had a copy of Lambert's album signed, said she wasn't aware of the rule and realised too late that her son had been turned away by the minder.

"Adam didn't say anything, he's gorgeous and just sat there looking beautiful and smiling. I don't think for one second that he would ever want something like that to happen," the mother said.

"[His minder] just said 'We're in a rush, he's not going to sign those [drumsticks], we've got lots of people'."

The mother said her son, who had been bullied at school, felt picked on by the minder because of his size.

The pair returned to JB Hi-Fi to join the queue to attempt to see Lambert again but the singer had left.

After being contacted by media today, Sony Music contacted the mother and organised for a signed pair of drumsticks to be sent to the youngster.

The boy's mum said Sony was "amazingly apologetic" and explained that Lambert did not want the boy to go without having signed drumsticks.

Sony declined to comment, except to say the matter had been resolved.

Lambert, a runner-up in American Idol's eighth season, has been in New Zealand promoting a new album.