Listen up, Dads, instead of tinkering around in the garage these school holidays on that project you've been working on for the kids, like forever, pack the clan up and take them to Kiwi Flyer for some inspiration.

The low-budget local film tells the story of 12-year-old Ben (Hall) who sets out to win the local trolley derby in memory of his father, who died a year earlier.

But there are a few obstacles in his way, including an Aussie family of bad guy trolley-racers who don't mind resorting to dirty tactics to win.

Because it's inspired by the annual Nelson Trolley Derby, where young and old hurtle down Collingwood St in a diverse range of home-made machines, it's fitting that the local Nelson community plays just as big a part in the film as the lead actors, including Tandi Wright as Ben's mum, Dai Henwood as Mr Lumsden, and Vince "Beaurepaires" Martin as Wayne the Aussie bad guy.


And though Kiwi Flyer lacks the sheen and action-packed thrills a bigger budget would have allowed, it's still a feelgood family movie, which taps into the Kiwi DIY ethic - and, more importantly, a kid's need for speed.

Stars: 3/5
Cast: Edward Hall, Tandi Wright, Dai Henwood, Vince Martin, Tikirau Hathaway
Director: Tony Simpson
Rating: G
Running time: 89 mins
Verdict: Gets a good roll on despite minimal budget.

- TimeOut