Reports that Sally Ridge wanted her two youngest children excluded from her reality television show are "wrong", says former partner Adam Parore, father of Astin, 9, and Mclane, 5.

"The kids are not on the show because I said no with my lawyer," Parore told The Diary.

"Sally wanted our kids to be involved and proposed filming them in their school environment, but I thought that was insane. It's not appropriate for a 5-year-old and a 9-year-old to be in a reality television show."

Ridge and her 19-year-old daughter Jaime will star in fly-on-the-wall series, The Ridges, which debuts on TV3 next week.


Sally told New Idea magazine this week she drew the line at exposing her younger children on the reality TV show.

"The littlies wanted to be on the show more than anything, but it'd be, 'Sally Ridge sells out children'," she said.

But Parore says it was he who put a stop to it.

"I got my lawyer involved and we sent a letter to TV3 saying the kids can't be involved."

TV3 legal counsel Clare Bradley said she spoke to Parore's lawyer, Aaron Lloyd, who was concerned the children's lives would be unduly affected by the filming.

"What they wanted was communicated and we were happy to agree," Bradley said.

Former Black Cap Parore told The Diary he's chosen to speak out now because he's "sick and tired of the untruthful stories in the press".

"Astin and Mclane know they are not on the show because Dad didn't want them on. First and foremost, I am a father and I want to protect my children and their privacy. I don't want them exposed on national TV."


Matthew Ridge, Sally's first husband and father of Jaime and 15-year-old Boston, told The Diary he banned his teenage son from being involved on the reality show too.

"I didn't think it was appropriate for my son," Matthew said.

Sally did not return The Diary's calls.

Parore says Sally and Jaime "can behave whatever way they like in the public eye", but as far as his young children are concerned, "they are off limits".


She snubbed Fashion Week, but designer Karen Walker took bragging rights when Lady Gaga was spotted wearing a pair of her sunglasses in Cologne, Germany, on Tuesday.


The eccentric singer, who is on tour, sported the kooky lime-green frames as she exited a hotel, drawing comparisons to Johnny Depp's zany character Willy Wonka.

Britain's Daily Mail said the 26-year-old singer "looked as though she had stepped off the set of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Walker won't mind the mocking. Any publicity is good publicity.

The same can be said of jailed Maori activist Tame Iti, who had a staunch supporter in Spartacus star Manu Bennett on Tuesday.

The 42-year-old actor, who last month bought artworks in a charity auction to raise funds for Iti's court appeal, sat in the front row at the Zambesi show wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Free Tame Iti".

It was a pleasant change from the TV reporters and fading/aspiring reality television stars sitting nearby whose sartorial social conscience looked to be lacking.



Gold medal-winning Paralympic swimmer Cameron Leslie, who smashed his own 150m individual medal record to defend his title, is racing in the 50m backstroke today. At the time of writing Leslie was hoping for a bronze.

"I've set a target time for the backstroke, so if I can achieve that and it's good enough for a medal, then I'll be happy with that," Leslie told The Diary from London. Winning the medley in record time and racing in front of a capacity crowd was a big highlight.

"It's not every day you get to absorb that sort of environment," he said.

However, he is conscious of his teammates' successes and disappointments.

He made special mention of swimmer Rebecca Dubber who'd hoped to win her first Paralympic medal.

"It's not nice knowing a teammate of yours, who has given her all into getting where she is today, has been left heartbroken after not quite reaching the target she'd set for herself," he said.


"When you're at the level of competition where Rebecca and I are, nothing is handed to you on a silver plate, that's for sure.

"Gone are the days where Paralympic medals are given out based on participation," Leslie told The Diary.


Blair Strang, who juggles his days as a Family Court lawyer and an actor on hit show Nothing Trivial, is set to take on another challenge: the boxing ring.

He will battle media executive Boyd Warren in charity boxing competition Fight for Christchurch in November.

"I haven't gone into the ring in front of people like this before so I'm nervous about the unknown but excited about the challenge," Strang (pictured) told The Diary.


"I lived in Christchurch in 2004 and 2009, working at the Court Theatre, which was devastated by the earthquake, and Sumner, where I lived, was also devastated, so I wanted to do something to help. The charity I've chosen is the St John Ambulance Christchurch who have done a lot of work following the earthquake."

Strang is two weeks into a 14-week training programme for the match and has the support of his TV castmates. Shane Cortese has made a donation. You can too at

Kiwi actor Karl Urban was spotted supporting local thespians last week at Auckland's Tapac theatre, and this week he was listed as one of the top 10 actors in the world on the influential internet Movie Database (IMDB) weekly Starmeter index.

Urban is currently in Madrid, Spain on an international media junket promoting his blockbuster movie Dredd 3D.

"He's looking forward to coming home to Auckland especially for the local premiere of Dredd 3D next month," said his agent Imogen Johnson.