Madonna has asked her Down Under fans to forgive her after cancelling plans to visit with her MDNA tour, stating she needs to spend time with her family.

The Material Girl recorded her apology and released it on YouTube, saying she felt bad about disappointing her fans.

Rumours had persisted that Madonna would also include a rare New Zealand visit alongside an Australian tour after an "official" tour draft leaked, but it turned out to be fake.

Madonna said she had to give priority to her duties as a mother, as she was unable to take her children with her on tour all of the time.


"At the end of the year I feel I would be an irresponsible parent if I didn't stop my tour and spend time with them," she said.

"I know the last time I was on tour I missed Australia as well," she said.

Madonna experienced a huge backlash from fans after confirming in July that she would not be bringing her MDNA tour to Australia.

A West Australian radio station responded by banning her tracks from its playlist.

In her statement, the singer said she didn't take her fans for granted.

"Please forgive me and know that when I do come to Australia I will have made the wait worth your while and I will put on the greatest show on earth."

Listen to Madonna's apology:

- AAP with Herald online