Bruce Willis will not take his shirt off in the fifth Die Hard movie.

The action hero is reprising his role as John McClane in A Good Day to Die Hard, the newest release in the hit franchise.

Director John Moore says just as Willis has aged in real life, so has his character in the film series.

"McClane's not getting his shirt off," Moore told Empire magazine. "He's in his early fifties in the movies, and his joints ache a little bit more every time he jumps off a building."


The Irish director tried to honour the original character fans warmed to. Rather than glorify John McClane as a super human type, he's portrayed as a real person with a sense of humour.

"We're not going to superhero this man. This is a different kind of fix. This is for people who get a kick out of the Bourne movies," Moore said.

"I'm not saying it won't be fun. We're making a Die Hard. That's the point of it - he has a sense of humour in a world that doesn't."

- Cover Media