The London Olympic Games are over. Just don't tell the people still watching on Prime TV.

Viewers took to social media this morning to complain about delayed coverage of the Olympic closing ceremony on the free broadcaster.

They relaunched the Twitter hashtag #primeunderclass, first seen during the channel's delayed and cut back coverage of the Olympic opening ceremony.

Most of those watching said the coverage was about 20 minutes behind the live cross on Sky Sport.


Performances by artists such as the Spice Girls, Brian May and Eric Idle had already been discussed on Twitter and news sites before they were shown on Prime.

Reece Paterson said: "You see Prime TV the problem with delaying a live broadcast is that the internet prefers to do things in real time."

Michael Bain said: "Remember, if we don't have Sky, we aren't worthy enough for true live and uninterrupted coverage."

Wanda Woodward said: "AGAIN PRIME? "Now for the start of the show" cut to ad break. RUINERS."

Hadyn Green said: "Just realised there are three time zones for the ceremony: Live on Sky, streaming with buffering delay, and then #Primeunderclass"

After the opening ceremony, Sky TV chief executive John Fellet reassured viewers they wouldn't miss important events on Prime. He admitted that by the end of the opening ceremony, Prime could no longer claim to be providing 'live' coverage.

He said that was to be expected with free-to-air television and any delays in the opening ceremony were because the event was so long.

It could be worse. US broadcaster NBC is sticking by its policy of delaying coverage until prime time for local viewers.

They will be able to see the closing ceremony in about five hours.