After wading through all the hype, new trailers and

at this year's Comic Con, I've decided

for the upcoming third season of


The Walking Dead

was the pick of the bunch. New zombies (urgh!), new characters (samurai sword girl keeps zombies as pets yeah!), new environment (a prison!) and the return of Merle (he's got no hand!) has me plenty excited for its October 14 debut after that lacklustre second season. Braaaains... (YouTube)

2. Jack White has unveiled the cartoonish Hype Williams-produced video for Blunderbuss stand out Freedom at 21. Here's a spoiler: White gets himself arrested and put in the best jail ever. (YouTube)

3. Kiwi hip-hop pranksters Home Brew are at it again with their new video Good God, taken from their recent No. 1 double album. Offensive content warning. (Under the Radar)

4. Find someone to cosy up with and check out the whispy new track Angels from The xx, taken from the album Coexist, due out on September 7. (Facebook)

5. So Green Day are about to inflict a whole tonne of Green Day onto the world, with three albums (called Uno!, Dos! and Tre!) and two documentaries set for release over the next six months. Have a listen to new single Oh Love and decide for yourself if you're on board. (NME)

6. Check out the trailer for Oz the Great and Powerful, Sam Raimi's new film starring James Franco and Mila Kunis. Don't adjust your set - the trailer's first minute is in black and white, but things get very colourful after that. (Apple)

7. Speaking of new trailers, check out the first look at post-apocalyptic thriller The Day, which comes with a pretty simple tagline: "Fight. Or Die." Looks intense. (Apple)

8. Here's the new video for Kimbra's single Two Way Street. And don't blame me if it gets stuck in your head. (YouTube)


9. If you haven't yet had your fill of ghoulish, nasty, bitey things, go seek help. Or check out this trailer for Grabbers and try and get some sleep tonight. (Empire)

10. Right, you made it to the end. But did you manage to seeing the first episode of Breaking Bad's fifth season last night? If so, check out this explanation as to how they pulled off the ... well ... this is getting spoilery so just click here. (NY Times)

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