Kimbra takes on Leno, the first Cosmopolis trailer appears and 90 seconds of Breaking Bad's new season. It's all here in this compilation of the best things on the interweb.

1. Kimbra

is continuing her American onslaught by hitting the late night talk shows, and

on Jay Leno's

Tonight Show


. Pretty soon she won't have to be introduced as 'the girl from that Gotye song'. (The Jewel Wicker Show)

2. So I'm as unlikely to be seen at a Robert Pattinson film as the next Twilight hater, but David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis might just get me there. The first trailer has debuted, and just check out that pimped-out ride. (Apple)

3. I usually try to avoid arguments, but if I could battle it out like these awesomely animated dubstep droids, I'd get into as many confrontations as possible. These are definitely the droids I've been looking for. (Vimeo)

4. The new season of Breaking Bad begins on July 15. Wait, let me start that again. THE FREAKING NEW SEASON OF FREAKING BREAKING BAD BEGINS ON FREAKING JULY 15! That's much better. Here's the first 90 seconds of the first episode of season five. You can try not to watch it, but we all know that you're going to do it anyway. (YouTube)

5. "Melanie Lynsky is terrific" said a Salon reviewer about the Kiwi actress' performance in her new film Hello I Must Be Going. The girl from the 'Naki plays a 30-something divorcee who starts secretely dating a 19-year-old (Marnie's clingy BF from Girls). Check out the trailer here. (Apple)

6. The Shins have unveiled a creepy new video for It's Only Life, which comes across like a half-decent M Night Shyamalan short film. Speaking of mopy indie-rock, Band of Horses have a new album coming out. Check out new single Knock Knock here. (Pitchfork)

7. Can you imagine serial killer show Dexter as a sitcom? This guy can, complete with laugh track. (YouTube)

8. Here's the first video from the new Robocop reboot, one of those corporate viral things that Prometheus did quite a bit. (Empire)

9. The first look at Jerry Seinfeld's new web-based show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has been unveiled. Erm, yep, next. (MTV)

10. Congratulations, you made it all the way to the end. Your reward is not the new TrueBliss single, it's this compilation of the worst tweets made in the first year of Twitter. Please don't include me, please don't include me ... (Gizmodo)