Chris Brown is the American R&B pop superstar still best known by most for his attack on former girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

And though you might think he would have tried to move on, he is still a posturing womaniser and he continues to try to justify his past.

To be fair, his fifth album doesn't start out like that, with opening track Turn Up the Music a party song with enough galactic oonst and pummelling Latin-tinged beats to get even the shyest bloke dancing like Ricky Martin with his chest hairs out.

But things turn more sinister on an emotional level, and lazy on the musical side. For example, on the weak and wincing Don't Judge Me he sings, "please don't judge me, because it could get ugly, before it gets beautiful" - the words of someone who still doesn't quite grasp the extent of what he has done in the past.


And musically, the bandwagon-hopping of the dubstep-driven Bassline is irritating because it is blatant copycat stuff; Stuck on Stupid is the Bruce Hornsby of modern day R&B, and Trumpet Lights makes Crazy Frog sound like Aphex Twin.

Yes, Brown gets a bad rap because of the things that haunt his past, but when he comes up with an often dreary (the laboured Tell Somebody on the deluxe edition) and often self-indulgent album like this, it's hard to feel sorry for him.

Stars: 2.5/5
Verdict: Move on man, please.
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