It's official. New Zealand music is not very sexy, judging by the results of an online debate.

Following TimeOut's Forward Thinking column last week, which pondered the sexiest Kiwi songs ever, we put out a call for readers to come up with their own picks.

Many of you put your saucy - and sometimes dirty - little minds to work and the results were diverse, plentiful and quite often inspired. But, for the most part, hardly sexy.

There were some songs that qualified, like Flight of the Conchords' Business Time and She's So Hot ... Boom!, Fur Patrol's Lydia, the band's No. 1 hit from 2000, was also a popular choice; and rabble-rousing Wellington band Head Like A Hole scored a few notches on the bedpost with Wet Rubber and Juicy Lucy.


(TimeOut would like to add Comfortably Shagged and Hot Sexy Lusty to HLAH's tally too.)

So yes, there were a number of songs that did meet the sexy criteria but also some that, though great songs, are hardly going to get you going like Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On might.

Crowded House's Fall At Your Feet got a number of nods, as did the beautiful Into Temptation. But please, people, surely not sexy. Nor is there anything remotely risque about the feelgood cheese of the Holidaymakers' Sweet Lovers. And yes, "Mercedes 25", The Haka is very rousing but not, er, arousing.

Last week TimeOut touted Sharon O'Neill's feisty anthem Physical Favours (O'Neill's Asian Paradise was tops with readers), the Dance Exponents Sex and Agriculture, and a couple of Kids of 88 songs.

However, one song we forgot was Prince Tui Teka's E Ipo, which a Birkdale respondent on recommended.

We agree, although it's not to everybody's taste, so be warned. It's more a love song for his wife Missy but E Ipo, with its lovey-dovey spoken word interlude midway through - "my darling Missy, you are always on my mind ... " - manages to be romantic, cheesy and sexy all in one.

- TimeOut