Gotye has confirmed he isn't dead after becoming the latest celebrity to be involved in an online death hoax.

A CNN iReport that allows readers to post unedited "breaking news" said the Australian singer had died.

The report also stated an investigation surrounding the death had concluded Gotye had taken his own life, which had been confirmed by the singer's family.

Since the fake report was published, Gotye, aka Wally De Backer, has taken to Twitter to confirm he is still alive by tweeting: "I'm not dead".


His management tweeted: "We're happy to report Wally is alive and well. Tell your friends :)."

The internet has otherwise boosted Gotye's profile with several spin-offs of his hit Somebody That I Used To Know.

The latest, The Star Wars That I Used to Know, a fan's pop at creator George Lucas for tinkering with the series, has amassed 1.75 million plays in three days.

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