Readers of movie magazine Empire have voted the 1980 Leslie Nielsen comedy vehicle Airplane! as the funniest movie of all time.

Airplane! beat Anchorman, The Big Lebowski and Life of Brian to the top spot in a poll of tens of thousands of readers that aimed to find the funniest films ever made.

The magazine said Airplane! was "unchallenged" at No. 1 because of the film's lasting legacy, and its ability to wring as many laughs out of every gag as possible.

"The streamlined disaster movie riff ... is pure quadruple-distilled comedy, with a gag rate of about three hilarious jokes per minute and a perfect mix of surrealism, wit, parody and inspired physical gags," Empire said.


"It has inspired approximately a billion quotes and homages in the 30 years since it first hit screens and still hasn't ever been equalled by its many, many imitators."

Other movies to make the top 50 include Kingpin, Caddyshack, Blues Brothers, American Pie, This is Spinal Tap and Zoolander.

Read the magazine's full list here.

Empire's top 10 funniest comedies:

1. Airplane!
2. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
3. The Big Lebowski
4. Life of Brian
5. Monty Python And The Holy Grail
6. The Hangover
7. The Naked Gun
8. Borat
9. Dumb & Dumber
10. Shaun of the Dead

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