A trailer for Muse's new album features Skrillex-type dubstep and has made fans "sad". It's included in a wrap of the 10 best things you'll see on the web today.

1. Muse

have done a


and gone dubstep. At least, that's what a trailer for the much-heralded British progressive rock act's new album


The 2nd Law

appears to suggest. With enough robotic squelches to make



. Sample comment: "I like the orchestral part, but the dubstep drop made me sad."

The 2nd Law

is due out in September. (NME)

2. Ever wondered what happened to Terminator 2 star Edward Furlong? His fall from grace into B-movie oblivion seems complete with this trailer for Arachnoquake, a made-for-TV movie in which the worst CGI'd spiders ever take over New Orleans.(Entertainment Weekly)

3. If a TV presenter describes the Queen's Jubilee celebrations as "an orgy of excitement" they're just asking for trouble. And Piers Morgan found it when Jon Stewart tore him a new one over his ridiculously OTT coverage. Check out his monologue here. (Crave Online)

4. Speaking of monologues, did anyone else think Russell Brand's shouty opening spiel at the MTV Movie Awards was, erm, just awful? It's too soon for Katy Perry jokes, mate. At least we got new Batman footage I guess. (Gossip Cop, Huffington Post)

5. Looking forward to seeing Prometheus? Then check out this fan-made trailer using just paper that Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof liked so much he even tweeted about it. (Hollywood Reporter)

6. Foul-mouthed rapper Danny Brown's Grown Up is my favourite song so far in 2012, a delicious slice of playful summer hip-hop that demands repeat plays. The video features a cute gangsta kid rapping Brown's lyrics, and it's perfect so grab some chocolate milk and check it out. (YouTube)

7. Speaking of new music vids, check out the black-and-white clip for Kanye West's Mercy (good god Kanye's wearing a dress) and the always ridiculous Die Antwoord, who have unveiled their latest, Baby's on Fire. (Pitchfork, Stereogum)

8. Ready for some scares? Then check out the trailer for House at the End of the Street, starring The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence. Boo. (Apple)

9. Words fail me over this one: It's Barack Obama speeches spliced together to create the tune of Call Me Maybe, with just a hint of AutoTune. This is crazy. (YouTube)

10. Have you checked out The Wire: The Musical? What about Ben Stiller's dating show pisstake Burning Love? You should really be reading the Herald's entertainment section more often, then.

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