The New Zealand International Comedy Festival begins this weekend bringing local and international comic heroes to our stages. Here, Dead Cat Bounce talk about their forthcoming shows.

Describe your show in 10 words or less:

Three former members of Whitesnake rock hilariously in impressive trousers.

Will we have heard any of the jokes before?

Not unless you've been to one of our shows before ... which you probably haven't as we've never been to New Zealand.


So, why should we go to your show instead of saving our money for Flight of the Conchords in July?

This really shouldn't be an either or situation. Come see us, then in July go to the Conchords. That way your thirst for musical comedy will be well and truly quenched.

What is your pre-show ritual?

Questionable Chinese food, a power nap, cheap coffee from a 7-Eleven and some very extra loud Whitesnake to pump us up.

Is dying on stage a rite of passage for a comedian or something to be avoided at all costs?

It's something you've got to do, yeah. Our first big death was a few years ago at a huge memorial gig for Mo Mowlam (former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland). We were doing a sketch about Nazis and some kind of problem with a vision mixer meant two giant swastikas appeared next to Mo's picture for the duration of the sketch. When we finished we were greeted with complete silence and 2500 shocked faces. Fortunately we don't bomb much any more.

Are members of the audience fair game? Or should they be treated with respect at all times?

Ours isn't the kind of show where we'll pick on people and go though their handbags. It's more like a ridiculous rock gig. So if the audience want to get involved, crowd surf, throw beach balls around and take their shirts off that's great. But if not, then that's cool too.

If you were a superhero who would you be?

We'd get some scientists to install a load of bionic implants and we'd become the Six Million Dollar Band, with the power to play for ages.

Who will you be heading along to see during the festival?

We'll definitely be seeing Wilson Dixon. Steve Hughes is pretty much our favourite stand-up in the world, so we'll see him too. We will not be seeing the Axis of Awesome.

From: Ireland
In: Howl of the She-Leopard
When and where: Loft at Q Theatre, 9pm, April 28, and 7.15pm, April 30 to May 5.

- TimeOut